The objects of the Association are:-

a) To institute and secure the general adoption of ethical and sportsmanlike attitudes and behaviour to wildlife and to the hunting of game.

b) Consistent with the practice of hunting, to promote and assist in the conservation of the indigenous fauna and flora of Australia,

c) to collaborate with the officers of the Game Departments, National Parks, Game Reserves and Game Conservation Areas in Australia, and to assist them in the execution of their duties in regard to the conservation of fauna and flora generally.

d) To prevent the illegal and/or unsportsmanlike disturbance, destruction and/or molestation of fauna and flora by members of the Association and/or their clients and/or their employees.

e) To prevent and punish illegal and unsportsmanlike practices in the hunting of fauna, and to encourage, promote and insist upon honourable and sportsmanlike conduct generally in the practice of the profession and sport and hunting.

f) To promote and safeguard the interest and welfare of members of the Association.

g) to prohibit, control and regulate the giving of any service (for reward or otherwise) by members of the Association to persons desiring the services of a professional hunter who have been guilty of illegal and/or unsportsmanlike conduct in the killing or photographing of fauna or who shall be regarded as undeserving of such service.

h) To co-operate with other associations in Australia and elsewhere having objects similar to those of this Association.

i) To co-operate with those (wherever situated) who by business or other circumstances are directly connected with hunting game and to provide means of discussion between them and members of the Association on matters of common interest.

j) To arrange the supply of information to persons wishing to legally hunt fauna in Australia.

k) To regulate or prohibit, as the case may be, the publication in Australia or elsewhere by members of advertisements, interviews or press releases, that may by contrary to the objects of the Association.

l) to collaborate in every possible manner with the Government of Australia and the Ministries of Tourism and Wildlife or their equivalent in all matters concerning the preservation of fauna and flora, consistently with the practice of hunting and safari activities.

Through ethical hunting, PSHAA’s aim is to promote conservation and ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources, to help ensure that the environment is protected for the benefit of present and future generations.

Code Of Conduct
Each member of PSHAA shall abide with, upon acceptance of membership, to this Code of Conduct, whereby they:

Shall promote and observe the Aims and Objects of PSHAA, the provisions of the PSHAA constitution and its by-laws.

Shall obey the laws of any country in which they operate at any time in professional hunting or related activities.

Shall conduct their selves in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality and shall not allow material gain to supersede such principles.

Shall respect the natural resources of the country in which they hunt.

Shall respect the rights and interests of property owners and local communities

Shall not misrepresent their services to clients or mislead clients in any way.

Shall take every reasonable step to ensure that their clients receive the services contracted of, and ensure their safety, comfort and satisfaction, and

Shall not act in any manner that brings PSHAA and its members into disrepute